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Here's the latest poop...

Keep that News comin' Zilla fans!

'I think i heard Nunzilla's "Yor Mom's a Hottie" playing in the background during an episode of Jack Ass on MTV. I don't know which episode, but they were using that little guy as a bowling pin, knocking down garbage cans.'

-Posted 4/13/01 by Milo Rose,Little Falls, NY


'My girlfriends and I scalped tickets to the Nunzilla show at the Manning County Fairgrounds last October. Long story short, we made our way to the front row and somehow got noticed (maybe it was because Paula kept flashing her boobs at the Zilla boys). Soon there after, the three of us got dragged awy by security and brought us the tourbus. We partied with Grippo and Nitro all night. I don't "groupie-and tell" but I will tell you this -Godzilla lives in Grippozilla's pants!!'

-Posted 11/03/00 by Natasha Stilten, Silver Plume,CO


'I was in the AOL Limp Bizkit chat room a few days ago and I came across somone disrespecting G-zilla. Some girl with user name "Babezilla" piped up with this response -thought you might like it:

"OK, wait...I was with Gabe on several occasions (as a friend, nothing more) and he was extremely cool to me. Very respectful...Yes, I am a woman, and yes, I am pretty. But I never drink in public, and Gabe did not pressure me to drink, nor did he try to get me drunk and naked. He's actually an intelligent and funny guy. And, believe me, I am not some googly-eyed Nunzilla fan. Having dated a member of another relatively well-known band, and touring around with his band a few times, I have seen a few things that were less than choice (not necessarily from his band). And yeah, I am sure Gabe and the other Nunzilla dudes can be an assholes. But I know I would be an extreme bitch after the grueling shit they have to go through, and then dealing with a bunch of people who wanted to kiss my ass nonstop. So give the guy a break! He was nothing short of awesome to my friends and I. That's all, just playing a weird sort of devil's advocate..."'

-Posted 12/20/00 by Theresa Gonzalez, Gainseville, FL